“Soccer is like a play in two acts with the referee as the director. The drama contains the full spectrum of emotions including suspense, excitement, periods of calm followed by intense action, there are heroes and occasionally villains, and good performances building to a dramatic conclusion. A good director (referee) with well-coached actors (players) has the capability of creating a wonderful two-act play (game) that will be enjoyed by all who observe.”Ken Aston

The Section 1 Referee website provides all volunteers in Section 1 with current information, guidance and training opportunities to fulfill all aspects of the AYSO National Referee Program. A good place to find everything about the program is in the National Referee Program Manual. You will find links to topics such as Laws of the Game, Referee forms, Books on Refereeing, Game videos and more. This material is provided to assist in your development as a Referee.

If there are additional materials or links that you feel would benefit our Referee community, please forward your recommendations to the Section 1 Referee Administrator.

News Alert!!

  • AYSO Referee Assessor Calibration Match
    When: April 20, 2024  —  1:30 PM Where: Crown Valley Park  —  Laguna Niguel, CA What: A Referee assessment exercise on a B16U match Goals:  Assessors exchanging best practices Narrowing variances between assessors Illustrating assessment issues for upgrade candidates Who’s Invited:  AYSO referee assessors – any level / any Section Referee Upgrade Candidates – any level / any Region Assessor candidates (pre-class OK) Other interested AYSO volunteers Program:   ...
  • 2024 Ken Aston Referee Camp
    June 21-23 2024 at Chapman University in Orange, CA This residential camp is an exciting environment where Referees from around the country socialize and discuss officiating skills and the Laws of the Game with some of the most knowledgeable and experienced staff in the country. Your skill level will be enhanced and Your understanding of the ...
  • 2024 Ken Aston Cup
    May 4 and May 5, 2024Pleasant Valley Sports ComplexCamarillo, CA Want to improve your referee skills and receive helpful pointers from some of Southern California’s most experienced AYSO referee mentors?  Want to engage in some friendly competition with other referees?  Sign up for the 2024 Ken Aston Cup!
  • 2024 Mission Viejo Classic Ron Denine Memorial Tournament
    The 2024 Mission Viejo Classic Ron Denine Memorial Tournament Registration is now OPEN! This is the 32nd year of our Region running one of the best AYSO tournaments in the country. This year’s tournament is in honor of Ron Denine, who passed away in January, and will be dearly missed. Ron loved AYSO soccer — he was a 50-year AYSO volunteer, ...
  • AYSO: Sideline Management and Talking with Coaches
    AYSO’s Fall Season took off like a rocket!  The kids are playing and having fun; the coaches are herding cats (players); the spectators (mainly, parents and grandparents) are still trying to figure out the nuances (and Laws) of the game; and the Referees are working very hard to provide full-crew coverage of all games, even though the ...
  • AYSO Newsletters
    We know that you may miss a newsletter or two from time to time, or you may be interested in sharing a past issue with someone and have deleted it from your email.  You can find the past year’s worth of AYSO Newsletters: The Insider, Hey Coach and Whistle Stop on our AYSO Volunteers site here.  You can add yourself ...

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Interested in becoming a (better) Referee?

Sign-up for one of the upcoming courses on the Referee Training page. There are plenty of dates to choose from. Find the one that is right for you! If you have any questions about what it takes to volunteer as a referee or how you can take your referee skills to the next level, please contact the Section 1 Director of Referee Instruction.

2022 Goals and Objectives

  • Implement the AYSO National Referee Program in response to the needs of AYSO Volunteers in Section 1
  • Promote Referee Assessment and Instruction for all AYSO Referees
  • Provide officials of the highest caliber for Section programs
  • Support the special development needs of Women Referees
  • Promote Referee mentoring, development and retention

Section 1 Referee Staff

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