• 2016-09-30

The U.S. Soccer Referee Program’s own Kari Seitz has accepted a position with FIFA beginning October 1. Seitz will be the Senior Manager of Referees responsible for leading FIFA women referees.

“I am very proud to join the FIFA referee department as a product of the U.S. Soccer program,” commented Seitz. “I know my 14-year successful FIFA referee career was in many ways fueled by the investment the U.S. [Soccer Federation] has made in developing women’s football. And of course also due in large part to the excellent leaders, instructors, mentors and assessors we have had over the years in the Referee Department.”

Seitz started as a youth referee at the age of 14 and worked her way up through the ranks to the professional and international levels. She is the most decorated and experienced international referee in U.S. Soccer history. The U.S. Soccer Referee Program could not be more proud of Kari and her accomplishments and we know she will continue to excel and succeed with FIFA!