• 2024-05-11

The course will be held with the following schedule:

  • Friday 5/24: 11am-5:30pm (Test will be included in this time)
  • Saturday AM 5/25: On field session – practice assessment(s) with instructor/mentor
  • Saturday PM – Monday AM: Over-the-Shoulder Assessment

Friday 5/24:

6.5 hours of classroom instruction and National Referee Assessor Exam

Saturday AM 5/25: 

Practical field work – you will observe a 16/19U game in small groups with an instructor or National Assessor mentor. These games are not live assessments, they are designed to see a real life match at the level candidates will be assessing to help translate expectations from classroom to field, in preparation for performing Over-the-Shoulder National Assessments. 

Saturday PM – Monday AM 5/25-5/27:

If assessments are scheduled, candidates will be given the opportunity to perform their over-the-shoulder assessments under the guidance of a current National Referee Assessor. This is a requirement for completing certification as a National Referee Assessor. 

With how this course is set up and with the 3 day structure of the tournament and course, candidates have a chance to walk away from the tournament with a completed National Referee Assessor Certification if all requirements to be certified are able to be completed.

Please note: The number of National Assessments for the tournament are not set yet, but there are typically several candidates coming to be assessed. This course is only taught in Section 2 every 3 or so years, so if you have the time and ability to join us please register for the course in AYSOU and join us over memorial day weekend. 

Note: Candidates in more remote Areas or Regions will be given priority for OTS evaluations, but it is expected that everyone who wants an OTS will be able to get one or more throughout the tournament. 

To register: login to your AYSOU account, click on Training Event then click on 25 May and Enroll in National Referee Assessor Course at Davis World Cup 2024.