• 2022 Ken Aston Referee Camp
    We’re back! If you are a Regional Referee Administrator or a Regional Commissioner – or just a senior referee in your Region – please encourage your up-and-comers to attend the Camps, and ask your Region to support them financially to do so. The skills they bring back – whether in refereeing, instructing, or assessing and mentoring ...
  • 25 March 2022: Update on The IFAB’s 136th Annual General Meeting
    As communicated on 2 March 2022, due to exceptional circumstances, The IFAB postponed its 136th Annual General Meeting (AGM), which was scheduled to take place by videoconference on 3 March 2022. Ahead of the rescheduled AGM, and owing to the importance of communicating changes to the Laws of the Game to all stakeholders as early as possible prior to ...
    Instructors, Assessors, Evaluators, Directors of Instruction, Coach Trainers, Coach & Referee & Management Administrators- We have finalized the migration plan.  Based on requests from the Board, we have moved the migration back one month to allow your seasons to get well underway before tackling this last migration.  As a result, instructors can continue to schedule live training up until the weekend ...
  • 2021/22 Law Changes Released
    Clarification of the handball Law and confirmation concerning the launch of concussion substitute trials were the main outcomes of the 135th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of The International Football Association Board (The IFAB), which was held 5 Mar 2021 by videoconference.  Details and video replay available at https://www.theifab.com/news/annual-general-meeting-2021 Check out the details of the law changes ...
  • Player use of “gaiter” face masks — OK!
    The NBOD and Risk Management teams are OK with players wearing a “gaiter” type face mask if they so choose. These are not hanging off the back of the person to be grabbed like a hood of a hoodie type sweatshirt. We are asking that Referees recognize these as acceptable and treat any “pulling” of ...
  • Chula Vista teacher among 47 MLS referees who also will experience ‘bubble life’ — LA Times / 1 July
    Felisha Mariscal is one of 47 referees chosen to officiate the MLS is Back tournament and will spend the entire tournament inside the league’s protective bubble in an effort to keep the coronavirus at bay. https://www.latimes.com/sports/soccer/story/2020-07-01/felisha-mariscal-among-47-mls-referees-who-also-will-experience-bubble-life
  • A new California requirement for Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) training
    Effective Jan 1, 2020 by California law AB 379, all Coaches and Referees associated with youth sports programs must complete Sudden Cardiac Arrest training (SCA).  Details may be found at https://aysovolunteers.org/sudden-cardiac-arrest-sca/. Here are the instructions for taking the course or, for those of you who have already completed the course outside of AYSO (via club, high school or ...
  • Referee Guideline for return to play
    Referee Guideline for return to play have been posted:https://www.aysovolunteers.org/returning-to-play/
  • 31 May 2020: IFAB Laws of the Game Published
    The 134th AGM of The IFAB took place in Belfast, Northern Ireland on 29 February 2020 and was chaired by the Irish FA President, Mr David Martin. These Laws come into force on 1 June 2020. Because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Laws of the Game Competitions which have been suspended because of COVID-19 have ...
  • Referee Instructor Manual 2020
    Exciting news!  The new Referee Instructor Manual is now available from https://ayso1ref.com and the old manual has been removed from the Supply Center.
  • 27 May 2020: AYSO updates “Return to Play” Guidance
  • IFAB Circular No. 18: 2020-2021 Law changes
    The 134th AGM of The IFAB took place in Belfast, Northern Ireland on 29 February 2020 and was chaired by the Irish FA President, Mr David Martin. Details of the main decisions taken and discussions held at the AGM are outlined in IFAB Circular No. 18. Full scope of the changes and clarifications are ...
  • U.S. Soccer : COVID-19 Guidance
    AYSO Programs have been postponed until further notice. We are actively monitoring the updates and information to determine the next course of action. Thank you for your understanding during this time and we hope you all stay safe and well. If you have any questions or concerns, please click here. Best Practices for Health: There is currently ...
  • 1 Jan 2020: New State Mandated Training Requirement
    We have a new state mandated training requirement for all AYSO volunteers (administrators, board members, coaches, referees, coordinators, instructors, etc.).  This is a one-time only training for AYSO volunteers in California. Please follow the below steps to get this completed ASAP: Go to website:  https://aysovolunteers.org/sudden-cardiac-arrest-sca/ Click on the “One-time Training” link in the table row pertaining to “California”. Create NFHS ...
  • 19-21 June: Ken Aston Camp
    Ken Aston Camp website is now live for registration for this summer’s Ken Aston Referee Camps, to be held the weekend of June 19-21, 2020 at Chapman University in Orange (our longtime location). You can get more information and register online at www.kenastoncamps.org. Also, Ken Aston Referee Camps will have a table at the AYSO 1-10-11 EXPO ...
  • 2019 Player Development Implementation
    2019 Player Development Implementation
  • 2019 LoTG: Clarification
    Read this clarification by IFAB on the application of Law 16 – The Goal Kick: 2019_Circular_16_LoG_Law_16_clarification and… 2019 Circular 17 LOTG
  • 2019 Update for the Online Regional Referee Course
    The 2019 update for the Online Regional Referee Course is now up and available on https://aysou.org/ to registered volunteers.  See Regional Referee Training under Online Courses after login. Reminder that completion of this course is a pre-requisite to the Online Regional Referee Companion Course.  To become a Regional Referee, a volunteer must complete both sessions.
  • Updated 2019 AYSO Instructional Materials Available
    Referee Course Lesson Plans, Presentations, Handouts and Exams have updated for 2019. Download your Course materials on AYSOU under Resources.  Contact Section Director of Referee Instruction Al Prado for Exam passwords. Also, updated materials on the Player Development Initiatives for 2019 for Coaches and Referees.  Links available on the Referee Instruction page.
  • Ken Aston Referee Camps early-bird registration
    The Ken Aston Referee Camps early-bird registration window ends tomorrow, May 31. Please don’t miss it! Referees, instructors, and assessors who register by May 31 will get the early-bird registration fee of $250 ($225 for the Assessor courses), which includes camp materials, parking, lodging, and food for the weekend. Online registration and more information is available ...
  • App for IFAB Laws of the Game for both Apple and Android
    To compliment a hard copy of the Laws, check out the official IFAB app. Laws of the Game become effective 1 July.  Explore them with the official app from The IFAB – free and available to everyone! DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/LawsApp_iOS   http://bit.ly/LawsAppAndroid
  • 2019 Law Changes Announcement from IFAB
    The IFAB released the actual language of the changes to the 2019 Laws of the Game.  Some of these are a bit befuddling and are going to roil instruction in all our various associations for the next several seasons. NOTE: All changes come into force on June 1, 2019. Herewith a simple outline of the main changes/clarifications. Law ...
  • Agenda of the 133rd Annual General Meeting of The IFAB confirmed
    The 133rd Annual General Meeting will be held in Aberdeen, Scotland on 2 March 2019 and will be chaired by Alan McRae, President of the Scottish FA. The full agenda is available on The IFAB`s website.
  • 2018-19 AYSO Addendum to the IFAB Laws of the Game
    This addendum to the IFAB Laws of the Game defines the AYSO changes that are approved within FIFA’s authorization that allows Federations to modify: Size of the field of play Width between the goalposts and height of the crossbar from the ground Size, weight and material of the ball Duration of the periods of play Substitutions Details at https://ayso1ref.com/lotg/
  • 11 Oct: ARA Webinar
    There will be an ARA Webinar Thursday 11 October 2018 at 5PM Pacific Time.  Anyone interested can sign up through AYSOU or by clicking on this link https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/4916662350591713281
  • Register for 2018 Season!
    A volunteer application form must be submitted each year. It is easiest and most secure if the volunteer supplies or updates his/her information online through AYSO’s registration System of Record. The online form can be electronically signed, printed and submitted to the Region for reference checks and confirmation of photo identification. The volunteer application form ...
  • Last minute updates for 2018 Short-Sided Games
    All restarts at the 6U and 8U levels are IFKs. This was previously AYSO policy and is in line with US Soccer’s PDIs Opponents must retreat 5 yards on all restarts at 6U and 8U levels. This is different from US Soccer (they recommend 10 feet), but takes player safety into further consideration and is consistent ...
  • Summer Referee Training Opportunity
    The Area 11L Referee Training Conference July 28-29, 2018 location will be held at Trabuco Hills High School, 27501 Mustang Run, Mission Viejo CA. This is an opportunity to further develop your referee skills in classes taught by some of the finest instructors in Southern California. For detailed course and location information, simply click on the course ...
  • IFAB Posts 2018/19 Law Changes
    An outline of the main changes / clarifications to be included in the 2018 Laws of the Game has been released. Read about it here. Update 29 May 2018: The IFAB has released the 2018-2019 Laws of the Game.  Download your copy here in booklet form or single page version.
  • Oct/Nov Webinars: Regional Referee Administrator (RRA)
    Regional Referee Administrator (RRA) This webinar occurs several times. Please register for the date and time that works best for you. Register now! https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/7901629703905511170 Check Your Date – Drop down Dates; We will review the responsibilities of a Regional Referee Administrator focusing on the activities that are key to managing a Regional Referee Program. Topics include Referee: Assignments, Budget, ...
  • 23-25 June 2017: Ken Aston Soccer Referee Camp
    The Ken Aston Camp will held this year at Chapman University in Orange, CA on 23-25 June 2017.  For those unfamiliar, this residential camp is an exciting environment where Referees from around the country socialize and discuss officiating skills and the Laws of the Game with some of the most knowledgeable and experienced staff in the country. Participants skill ...
  • The IFAB 2017 Laws of the Game
    The 131st Annual General Meeting (AGM) of The IFAB took place 3 March 2017 at Wembley Stadium agreeing on a fairer game strategy.  Read more… 2017-2018 FIFA Laws Of The Game The 131st Annual General Meeting (AGM) of The IFAB was held at Wembley Stadium on Friday 3 March 2017. The amendments to the Laws of the Game ...
  • 2017 Updated Instructional Materials for AYSO NR&R
    Updates to AYSO National Rules and Regulations in Feb 2017 introduced three key changes: Throw-in (6U & 8U) Goalkeeper Punts (9U to 12U) Build-Out Line (9U & 10U) This summary of these changes as presented at the 2017 Western States EXPO are intended to supplement those that are currently published on AYSO.org until such time as those materials are updated. Please review ...
  • Laws of the Game Online Videos
    Check out the newest videos on the USSF YouTube channel, found here. This month’s videos include the “Spirit of the Game” and “Handling”, both presented by 1998 World Cup Referee Esse Baharmast from National Camp in Phoenix.
  • IFAB sets the AGM agenda for 3 Mar 2017
    IFAB agenda for their next AGM (March 3, 2017) at http://static-3eb8.kxcdn.com/documents/223/ifab-agenda-131th-FINAL-VIEW-NEW.pdf
  • AP Interview with Mark Clattenburg
    All referees, no matter what badge level, deal with the same issues…? Read this interview with Referee Mark Clattenburg?as he opens up on coping with errors.
  • Kari Seitz Accepts a Position with FIFA!
    The U.S. Soccer Referee Program’s own Kari Seitz has accepted a position with FIFA beginning October 1. Seitz will be the Senior Manager of Referees responsible for leading FIFA women referees. “I am very proud to join the FIFA referee department as a product of the U.S. Soccer program,” commented Seitz. “I know my 14-year successful ...
  • Laws of the Game Video Series
    Check out the newest video in the new Laws of the Game video series on our YouTube channel, found here. This month?s video features Referee Signals. A new video will be released each month of 2016 as a resource for officials and continuing education.
  • Referee Course Pre-Tests
    As the referee upgrade courses are increasing in numbers, instructors are asking candidate to take the Pre-test to help them prepare. ?Pre-tests are?located in the section ?Referee Pre-Test? and?don?t require a password. Your Section Referee Administrator?or Section Director of Referee Instruction have the passwords for the Pre-test Answer Keys.  
  • Videos for New Referees
    USSF has published some new videos under the heading ?Advice to New Referees?. ?Available at the Section 1 Referee Training page ?https://ayso1ref.com/videos.
  • Offside exercises for assistant referees
    There?s been a lot of offside discussions recently. Is a player making attempt to play the ball? Is it a deliberate play or a save? Offside is the main task of the assistant referee, but it?s also quite difficult. Not just the rare situations, but also situations where both defenders and attackers are moving. Want ...
  • 18 Jul: New USSF Recommendations for Referee Skin Care
    News Jul 18, 2015 As part of U.S. Soccer’s commitment to health and safety, our medical and referee experts have prepared the following recommendations for the referee community http://www.ussoccer.com/referees/resource-center/refereeing and incorporated them into our referee education materials. In the interest of health and safety, U.S. Soccer recommends that match officials practice the following skin care guidelines: Consider wearing ...
  • 27 Feb: All you need to know about the IFAB (FIFA.com)
      The items up for decision this year include: The possibility of a fourth substitution in extra time A decision on the “triple punishment” (Law 12) of sending off, penalty and suspension The potential use of electronic performance and tracking systems A proposal for greater flexibility in the use of substitutions in grassroots/recreational football Other items to be discussed but not ...
  • 11 Nov: AYSO Directive on the Use of Vanishing Marking Foam
    The AYSO Store now sells the Vanishing Marking Foam (vanishing spray) which soccer referees use to mark where players may stand during the taking of a free kick. The AYSO Store carries this product because they have other customers which may be interested in buying the spray. FIFA allows the use of vanishing spray to ...

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