• AYSO: Sideline Management and Talking with Coaches
    AYSO’s Fall Season took off like a rocket!  The kids are playing and having fun; the coaches are herding cats (players); the spectators (mainly, parents and grandparents) are still trying to figure out the nuances (and Laws) of the game; and the Referees are working very hard to provide full-crew coverage of all games, even though the ...
  • AYSO Newsletters
    We know that you may miss a newsletter or two from time to time, or you may be interested in sharing a past issue with someone and have deleted it from your email.  You can find the past year’s worth of AYSO Newsletters: The Insider, Hey Coach and Whistle Stop on our AYSO Volunteers site here. We will continue to ...
  • AYSO Memoriam
    Enjoy this video remembering all those who came before us and made AYSO a National Organization of note. AYSO Memoriam Especially, note the remembrance of our own Paul Castellani, the Roman Cowboy, who made such a difference in our lives. Shown here at the 2014 National Games with Sandee Wilson and Jody Kinsey, two of our ...
  • 2023-2024 Changes to Laws of the Game
    Details of the law changes for 2023-2024 season may be viewed at here.    
  • 4 March 2023: The IFAB’s 137th Annual General Meeting
    The IFAB 137th Annual General Meeting was held 4 March 2023 in London. Read the Agenda. Read the Decisions from the meeting. Read the Outline summary of Law changes. Watch the news conference following the AGM.
  • Player’s Equipment Modification In National Rules and Regulations
    There has been a modification to the National Rules and Regulations (2.VI.F) of the AYSO Reference Book.  The modification addresses the motion approved by the NBOD on hair beads and medical devices. Section 2.VI.F Players Equipment Players shall not wear anything that is dangerous to either themselves or other players subject to the referee’s approval under Law ...
  • AYSO: Referee Abuse — Not Tolerated
    Abuse of referees (or, more generically, game officials) has continued to escalate and has become the #1 or #2 reason that game officials leave a sport.  Raised as an issue during the most recent AYSO Coaches’ Meeting it became very clear, as referees, we need to nip abuse in the bud.  While player, coach and ...
  • 25 March 2022: Update on The IFAB’s 136th Annual General Meeting
    As communicated on 2 March 2022, due to exceptional circumstances, The IFAB postponed its 136th Annual General Meeting (AGM), which was scheduled to take place by videoconference on 3 March 2022. Ahead of the rescheduled AGM, and owing to the importance of communicating changes to the Laws of the Game to all stakeholders as early as possible prior to ...
    Instructors, Assessors, Evaluators, Directors of Instruction, Coach Trainers, Coach & Referee & Management Administrators- We have finalized the migration plan.  Based on requests from the Board, we have moved the migration back one month to allow your seasons to get well underway before tackling this last migration.  As a result, instructors can continue to schedule live training up until the weekend ...
  • A new California requirement for Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) training
    Effective Jan 1, 2020 by California law AB 379, all Coaches and Referees associated with youth sports programs must complete Sudden Cardiac Arrest training (SCA).  Details may be found at https://aysovolunteers.org/sudden-cardiac-arrest-sca/. Here are the instructions for taking the course or, for those of you who have already completed the course outside of AYSO (via club, high school or ...
  • 2019 Player Development Implementation
    2019 Player Development Implementation
  • App for IFAB Laws of the Game for both Apple and Android
    To compliment a hard copy of the Laws, check out the official IFAB app. Laws of the Game become effective 1 July.  Explore them with the official app from The IFAB – free and available to everyone! DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/LawsApp_iOS   http://bit.ly/LawsAppAndroid
  • Videos for New Referees
    USSF has published some new videos under the heading ?Advice to New Referees?. ?Available at the Section 1 Referee Training page ?https://ayso1ref.com/videos.

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