• 2023-01-09

There has been a modification to the National Rules and Regulations (2.VI.F) of the AYSO Reference Book.  The modification addresses the motion approved by the NBOD on hair beads and medical devices.

Section 2.VI.F Players Equipment

  1. Players shall not wear anything that is dangerous to either themselves or other players subject to the referee’s approval under Law 4 of the IFAB Laws of the Game. AYSO, in accordance with permitted modifications for youth games, allows the following:
    • Hair Beads and Clips
      Hair control devices and other adornments, such as beads, worn in the hair must meet the following criteria:
      • Be securely fastened to the head.
      • Do not present an increased risk to the player, teammates, or opponents.
      • Flat clips less than two inches in length may be used to hold the hair in place close to the head so long as their placement on the head does not present an increased risk to the player, teammates or opponents.
      • Hair charms are still considered jewelry and are not permitted.
    • Medical Devices
      If the device is needed to restrict mobility, protect an injury or support proper alignment to expedite the healing process of a temporary injury and is hard (cast, splint, etc.) then it is not allowed. If, on the other hand, the protective device is used to provide support, flexibility or enable an otherwise healthy player to function normally such as a knee brace, prosthesis, hearing aid, insulin pump/monitor, etc. then this would be allowed provided the device was sufficiently padded to prevent injury to other players. The Laws of the Game specify that “A player must not use equipment or wear anything that is dangerous.”

The Referee is the sole judge of whether or not the individual item in question is permissible to wear in the game.