AYSO Governing Documents

The current version is available at in the AYSO Reference Book.

Soccer Terminology

When referees know and use commonly accepted terminology about the game, they help players, coaches, and spectators to learn and use those terms as well. This ultimately improves understanding and communication for all involved. Consequently, it is important that all referees know the terms for things and actions that are part of young players’ games.

Ask the Ref

Test your knowledge of the game or ask a professional referee a question.

AYSO Reference Book

The AYSO Reference Book (or Yellow Book as it is also known) is the primary reference manual published by the National Board for its Executive Membership. It contains the AYSO Bylaws, National Rules & Regulations, Standard Regional Guidelines, National Policy Statements and many other guidelines and descriptions of the programs in AYSO. This collection of individual documents is generally known as the Governing Docs of the organization. The Yellow book, along with the Regional Commissioners Manual (aka Purple Book), provide the important information for any executive voting member in the National organization.

AYSO Referee Manuals

These manuals are meant to be an easy-to-use source of information regarding the AYSO National Referee Program. The National Referee Program Manual contains information of use to all AYSO Referee Administrators, Instructors and Assessors. An elaborate support system is available to assist you in providing the best possible officiating program for the enjoyment of AYSO players, volunteers and spectators in your region.

The Referee Administrator Manual is a must have for all Referee Administrators.

Additional materials also available to help you build a successful officiating program include:

Dated But Interesting

The History of the Diagonal System of Control

A brief history of the Diagonal System of Control which resulted in a complete revolution of the match officials’ roles in 1891. The Referee, complete with notebook and whistle, made his way for the very first time onto the field of play to take charge of the game.

One Person Diagonal (OPD)

In AYSO matches, the three-person Diagonal System of Control (DSC) is standard. However, there will come the day when you have to cover a match by yourself possibly without the assistance of club linesmen. This article by Jeff Stern, former AYSO Section 6 Director, based on his discussions with Giovanni Piazza, former USSF National Referee and national instructor with the Italian Federation, discusses how to referee a game without the help of qualified Assistant Referees. Jeff calls it the One Person Diagonal (OPD).

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